Puget Sound Stream Benthos

Biological Assessment of Shoreline Streams, City of Shoreline

The Benthic Index of Biotic Integrity (B-IBI) is an important component of the City’s monitoring program to assess temporal changes in water quality and overall stream health.Water quality parameters, physical stream habitat and biotic diversity are assessed at five City of Shoreline streams: Thornton Creek, McAleer Creek, Boeing Creek, and Storm Creek.

The objectives of the monitoring programs are to 1) document current biological and physical conditions in the City’s streams and 2) identify any positive or negative trends in the ecological health of these stream systems over time. The results of these monitoring efforts will help determine whether habitat and water quality improvement programs are effective and current practices sustain or improve conditions.

Sample collection is done with a Surber sampler with 500 micron mesh net.

Please contact Jennifer Adams at 206-801-2453, jadams@shorelinewa.gov with any questions.