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ESA Water Quality / Macroinvertebrate Project, King County - Roads

The King County Roads Maintenance Endangered Species Act (ESA ) Task Force was assembled in 1998 and led to the development of the King County Roads Maintenance Baseline Water Quality (BLWQ) Sampling Program. The ESA Task Force developed a work program that monitors and reports on site mapping, habitat evaluation, baseline water quality data collection and macroinvertebrate analysis. The macroinvertebrate collection effort occurs annually in August and September and consists of approximately 80 sites within 39 sub-basins throughout unincorporated King County. These sites are located at road/stream crossing intersections. The data collected for the ESA Water Quality Program is used to help measure baseline conditions of various streams throughout King County and to assess impacts of past and future drainage improvement projects conducted by the Roads Maintenance Section.

Program contact: Brent Dhoore
brent.dhoore@kingcounty.gov, 206-296-7722

Roads Maintenance Environmental Unit Website: