Puget Sound Stream Benthos

EPA Region 10, Office of Environmental Assessment Office, Aquatic Monitoring Team (AMT), Regional Applied Research Effort (RARE) project, Environmental Protection Agency

This is a project conducted by EPA Region 10, Office of Environmental Assessment, Aquatic Monitoring Team (AMT). It is funded by EPA's Regional Applied Research Effort(RARE) program. It will help identify the types of practices and projects that are most likely to directly improve aquatic life uses by identifying the key variables associated with those changes.

This project will build upon existing and planned restoration actions and land management activities. At several sites where recommended land management and habitat restoration practices are being (or will be) implemented, the condition of the macroinvertebrate community will be evaluated before the projects are conducted and then after to detect changes once the practice is in place using a BACI design (Before-After, Control-Impact). In addition, physical, chemical (including continuous temperature) and hydrologic parameters will measured to determine which factors influence the health of the macroinvertebrate communities as assessed by the B-IBI score. Site sampling will be conducted using the Washington Department of Ecology’s (ECY’s) Status and Trends Protocols (Merritt 2009). In 2015, samples were collected from two sites on Squalicum Creek and one site each on Newaukum, Glendale and Meeker Creeks.