Puget Sound Stream Benthos

Quileute Tribe monitoring Project, Clallam County

The Quileute Tribe monitors water quality in streams in the Quillayute River watershed, to see change over time and impacts due to human activity; data is shared by the Tribe with the EPA through the STORET database. Includes assessment of stream biological integrity with B-IBI. Quileute WQ QAPP approved by EPA: BASELINE ASSESSMENT OF QUILEUTE U&A WATERS, QUILLAYUTE BASIN, REVISION 4/24/12; also WATER MONITORING STRATEGY FOR THE QUILEUTE TRIBE, 4/23/12. Quileute Natural Resources, La Push, WA. B-IBI QAPP: for 1997-98, see Leska S. Fore, May 2000, MEASURING THE INFLUENCE OF TIMBER HARVEST ON STREAM INVERTEBRATES IN WESTERN WASHINGTON. Report prepared for Quileute Dept. of Natural Resources, La Push, WA. 15 pp. For other years, see Streamkeepers QAPP and Handbook.