Puget Sound Stream Benthos

Miscellaneous Macroinvertebrate Monitoring, City of Bellingham

Since 2001, City of Bellingham Public Works has been monitoring macroinvertebrates in Bellingham streams on an opportunistic and project-specific basis. To date, these miscellaneous samples have been collected from Squalicum, Whatcom, Padden, and Chuckanut Creeks. Samples are collected in late summer, when the diversity of insects reaches a maximum. Assessment through 2012 follows the protocols developed for the Department of Ecology’s Benthic Macroinvertebrate Biological Monitoring Protocols for Rivers and Streams (2001). Sampling methods after 2012 follow standard protocols as recommended by the Washington Department of Ecology (Adams 2012) with minor modifications. At each location, a Surber sampler (500 micron mesh, 2ft2 delineation frame) is used to collect four samples: one sample is collected from each of 4 different riffles, working downstream to upstream, for a total composite sample area of 8 ft2. Samples are then preserved and sent out to a private lab for analysis.

Sara Brooke Benjamin
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