Puget Sound Stream Benthos

Zackuse Creek 2022 Project, Snoqualmie Tribe

This benthic macroinvertebrate study is proposed to monitor conditions in Zackuse Creek, a perennial tributary to Lake Sammamish in King County. This reach of Zackuse Creek has been the focus of a recent major effort to restore native kokanee in the creek, which were historically present, but absent for approximately 40 years until 2021. A multi partner effort replaced fish blocking culverts, restored riparian vegetation, and reintroduced kokanee fry to the creek utilizing a Remote Stream Incubator (RSI). In November 2021 the first spawning return of kokanee returned to Zackuse Creek in decades. This benthic macroinvertebrate study will evaluate changes to aquatic organism assemblage in the creek following the restoration effort and the first spawning return of adult kokanee to the system.