Puget Sound Stream Benthos

City of Bothell Bioassessment Survey Project, City of Bothell

The City conducted surface water quality monitoring to determine the effectiveness of City programs to protect, preserve and enhance surface waters. The health of surface waters, city streams, was measured using the chemical, physical and biological conditions. The monitoring was set up to answer the question “Is what we are doing making a difference to the streams”? The monitoring used a broad set of measures to provide signals along the continuum of stream health. Several lines of evidence were used to obtain status and trends. They included: chemical (Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and conductivity), physical (temperature, habitat, sediment, and large wood), and biological (stream insects, and fish populations).

The field and lab methods followed acceptable literature cited protocol established for each parameter. The macroinvertebrate samples were collected late summer using a Surber Sampler with 500 micron mesh. Samples were collected from four riffles over the sample reach. Reach length average was 54 meters. The same sample reaches were sampled in 2010 and 2013. Samples were analyzed for 500 count and identified to genus species when possible.


Andy Loch, Surface Water Program Coordinator