Puget Sound Stream Benthos

Puget Sound Rivers Project, King County - DNRP

2013 Sampling Locations In September and October 2013 King County sampled 20 reaches on four Puget Sound Rivers (Skagit, Cedar, Snoqualmie, and Stillaguamish). Sample collection methods focused primarily on riffles and collection from a total of an 8 square foot area using a D-frame kicknet with a 500 micron mesh net. Data from these 20 sites were combined with river data already existing on the PSSB to evaluate candidate metrics for larger Puget Sound waterbodies.

Methods and results of this pilot effort funded by EPA grant money can be found in the Puget Lowland River Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sampling: Pilot Study report published in January 2015 (http://www.pugetsoundstreambenthos.org/Projects/EPA_Grant_2010/TechDocs/PS_Rivers_2013.pdf).

Contact Person: Jo Wilhelm, jo.wilhelm@kingcounty.gov; 206-477-4849

Cedar River @ Landsburg Cedar River @ Jones Rd DNet Sampling on the Cedar River Middle Fork Snoqualmie North Fork Snoqualmie North Fork Stillaguamish South Fork Stillaguamish Skagit River @ Diabsod Snoqualmie Sampling via Boat